Emergency Cleanup

Flash flooding is a common natural calamity in Amarillo. All it takes is a few minutes of heavy rain and you might witness a wall of roaring water accompanied by rocks, mud and other debris sweeping across entire streets and neighborhoods.

Amarillo has plenty of terrain where there are low-lying areas, creeks, culverts, gullies and dry streambeds which appear harmless when the weather is dry, but can be the sight of a flood disaster when it rains. Hence, you will need a company for restoration purposes.

Why Choose Us
No matter what kind of flood emergency you have on your hands, whether it’s a toilet overflow, leaky pipes, a malfunction in the drainage system or a flash flood that’s wreaking havoc on your community, we will be at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.

At Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage, we work around the clock, all throughout the year to spring into action the moment we get a call for help. In such dire circumstances, time is your closest friend and if you even suspect the likelihood of a flood invasion, do not hesitate to call us.

Our cleanup teams boast enough experience and our equipment is powerful enough to effectively clean out every last drop of water and moisture from your property. You may be looking forward to an important business meeting or a much awaited family get together – we understand how important it is to have your place looking just the way it was before the flood hit.

Emergency cleanups are something that require the help of professionals. There might be extensive restoration needed and if you attempt to engage in the cleanup process on your own, you might be putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Precautionary Measures Until Help Arrives
In any case, there are certain precautions you can take until help arrives to ensure that you are completely out of harm’s way:

Having your property flooded with water is not only a nerve-wracking experience but also poses serious risk to your lives as well as your valuables. When things are in disarray, one of the first things to go out is the power supply. If you find yourself in the middle of such a calamity, take the following under serious consideration:

– Never go around damaged or downed power supply lines
– If there’s even a hint of gas, contact your local utility provider and evacuate the premises
– Keep everyone away from flood water at all costs
– If you have evacuated the premises, do not re-enter unless the local fire department or our team deems it safe
– If you need to remove excess water to find a path that leads outside, always remove it by mopping and blotting only
– Remove all wet materials from the carpet
– Items such as pictures and ornaments should be taken outside to dry
– Place wooden blocks under furniture legs
– Do not use a vacuum cleaner in an attempt to remove water
– Avoid the use of electronics (very important!)
– If the ceiling is also wet, do not turn on the ceiling fan

These emergency cleanup tips should come in handy until our team arrives and gets to work.. The sooner you contact us, the more we can save before faithfully restoring it all to pre-flood condition. Call (806) 414-3787 to get in touch.