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In 2011, it was reported by the Texas Forest Service that wildfires had burned over 3 million acres of land. The state’s annual budget for fighting wildfires had now been increased to $126.7 million. This fire can reach residential or commercial areas and cause havoc. Each year, millions are lost due to home or office fires, which can be prevented with proper measures.

Fires have a knack for arriving as an unwelcome guest and unless the right remedial measures are taken, pose a very serious threat to your safety and wellbeing.

In such a dire event, you need to avail the services of a fire damage restoration company that is a part of the local community, yet has access to national resources, including the fire department. The sooner you act under such circumstances, the better the chances are of restoring your property and getting you and your family to safety.
In addition, most homes and offices are equipped with water sprinkler systems. These make for great life-savers and to a great extent, minimize the damage caused by fires. However, almost all your belongings, equipment and upholstery is drenched in water which can cause a lot of collateral damage. Our team knows a thing or two about safely salvaging items that are repairable and letting you know which ones will need to be replaced.

Why Choose Us?
We understand that fire and water sprinkler damage can make your place extremely uninhabitable. The after-effects can be devastating and overwhelming to say the least. We know how stressful it is fearing for your safety and wondering what’s going to become of your property and belongings.

There’s a whole science behind systematically cleaning out and restoring property that’s been the site of fire and water sprinkler damage. Our team is equipped to offer unique solutions based on the extent of the damage and your personal preferences.

We at Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage have invested a lot of resources and man-hours into training our teams to fully restore your home or office to pre-fire condition. To give you a better idea, here’s what goes into our process:

The Fire and Sprinkler Damage Restoration Process
1. Contact Our Representative

The restoration process ensues after our very first contact. You are urged to answer all questions in detail so that our representative can respond appropriately by sending a team with the right resources and equipment.

2. Fire and Sprinkler Damage Assessment
We will thoroughly inspect every square inch of your property to assess the degree of fire, water, smoke and soot damage. This will allow us to better plan our course of action.

3. Secure Your Property Pre-restoration
A site that’s been hit by fire and water sprinkler damage means compromised roofs, walls and windows. We’re going to board up missing windows as well as walls, and install tarps on damaged roofs.

4. Water Removal and Dry-off
The water and moisture removal process begins right after the fire has been put out. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers and air movers help in removing not just water from tight spots but every last bit of moisture.

5. Complete Smoke and Soot Removal
Smoke and soot are two major aspects of a proper fire damage restoration which requires completely getting rid of it from walls, ceilings and other surfaces to bring your place back to normalcy.

6. Cleaning and Sanitizing
Every restorable item is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected. In addition, all odors are removed using industrial-grade fogging equipment and air scrubbers.

7. Restoration
Finally, the main restoration process begins – performing repairs and restoration on your belongings, including painting, replacing drywall, installing new carpets etc. This might also involve major reconstruction of areas badly affected by the fire or water sprinkler damage.

To report an emergency, simply reach us at (806) 414-3787 and our representative will dispatch a team to your location in less than 30 minutes.