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Last year, Amarillo saw a lot of flooded homes, streets and stranded vehicles. Officers were responding left and right to water rescues all over the city. Water damage businesses got a heavy influx of calls due to heavy rains.
As an Amarillo resident, you’re no stranger to heavy rains and the floods that follow. And these floods can really take a toll on your private or business property including pipeline and water drainage system damage, sump pump malfunction and sewerage backup.

Under these circumstances, you want a flood cleanup service that is well aware of the flooding woes that citizens face each year and knows how to get right on top of the problem, fast. In any case, you should never hesitate to reach out to us at Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage. All it takes is a phone call, really.

Attempting to remove stagnant water on your own or delaying the cleanup process unnecessarily can cost you thousands in repairs, not to mention the stress you and your family will have to undergo in the process. It’s not just your property, but other human lives that are at risk. Did you know that even less than a half-inch crack can cause a 250 gallon per day leakage?

Why Choose Us
A proper flood cleanup requires the right amount of resources, manpower and most important of all, the drive and motivation to live up to your highest expectations. Our team’s equipped with cutting edge flood cleanup equipment that’s combined with an abundant supply of materials and resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
If you’re looking for an ultra-responsive flood cleanup service at economical price plans, look no further than Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage.

Our Flood Cleanup Process
Even though every situation requires a unique cleanup solution, here’s the standard protocol we generally follow:

The Right Team
Even though we have several specialized teams at our disposal, we will only dispatch one that is well-versed in flood cleanups and have access to the right equipment and resources.

Property Inspection
Before kickstarting the cleanup process, we’ll need to inspect every square inch of your property. This will allow us to zero in on the source of the problem and determine the degree of damage.

Water Removal
Our teams pack cutting-edge industrial-grade equipment and materials to quickly remove water from every nook and cranny in your property. This takes time and we leave nothing to chance while getting rid of every last drop of stagnant water.

Our commercial-grade cleaning and sanitizing equipment allows us to fully clean and dry off every piece of equipment and valuable that came into contact with flood water. This includes a range of items such as electronics, upholstery, carpets, rugs, walls, ceilings, floors etc. If something needs to be replaced rather than repaired, we’ll let you know up front.

A proper, professional flood cleanup is just a phone call away – dial (806) 414-3787 and our representative will be quick to dispatch a team to take care of all your flood cleanup woes.