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Texans are no strangers to floods which can have devastating and heart-wrenching consequences, especially when help doesn’t arrive on time.

In mid-2015, 10 inches of rain wreaked havoc, especially around the Panhandle region where Amarillo is located. Owing to the terrain around these regions, there’s no stopping floods anytime soon.

Water damage in your property can also spark a fire leading to thick, dense smoke and laying your precious belongings to waste. However, if the calamity is contained at its earliest stages, a lot of this damage can be curbed and reversed.

Why Choose Us to Restore Your Property
Carefully reversing the damage left behind by a flood, fire or smoke is a mammoth task that requires a steady supply of resources, expertise and manpower. When your Amarillo property is struck by water, fire or smoke damage, you need a restoration company that wastes little time in arriving at the scene to assess the damage and kickstart the restoration process.

Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage has specialized teams and equipment to deal with the aftermath of flood, fire and smoke damage. In addition, we handpick our teams and resources very carefully depending on whether the job requires a commercial or residential restoration.

Our Full Suite of Restoration Services
Since Amarillo is prone to heavy rains and floods, your home or commercial setup can be the site of heavy flooding or leaks overnight. We have a knack for responding quickly to all such emergencies along with the equipment and manpower to restore your property.

Industrial-grade water detection and extraction equipment allows us to find water and moisture in even the tightest spots and remove it quickly. All our cleaning and restoration specialists are trained to monitor and document every step of the restoration process so that you know exactly what went into restoring your property to its original state.
Excessive flooding and water damage can cause an electrical circuit or two to get shorted in your home/office. Fires can wreak a lot of havoc and pose a serious threat to your wellbeing if not taken care of immediately. In addition, to all the fire and smoke, your property may also have been subjected to significant water damage due to firefighting efforts.

You need not worry, however, as our experts will keep you out of harm’s way. They’ll get to work right away to reverse the effects of fire, water and smoke damage.

Even if the damage to your property as a result of water damage or flooding is minimal, mold is a nuisance you’ll be dealing with at some stage. As you might know, mold can produce allergens in the air that can lead to multiple adverse health effects. It also has the tendency to spread all over your living or working space in less than 48 hours.

Our trained staff will use the necessary equipment to sniff out mold from every square inch of your property. We have the expertise and experience to permanently reverse the effects of mold infestation.

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To report a fire, water or flood emergency, do not hesitate to call us at (806) 414-3787. Our representative would be happy to assist you by dispatching a team in under 30 minutes.