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Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup

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All throughout 2015 and this year, there have been numerous reports of fires breaking out in homes and in some cases, the occupants not being lucky.

Apart from the imminent threat to your wellbeing, fire, smoke and soot can not only seriously damage the structure of your property but also lay your precious belongings to waste.

In such harrowing situations, the first thing you need to do is call for help on an emergency basis, rather than trying to fix things yourself.

Why Choose Us
Sair 24 Hour Flood Rescue Water Damage understands the value of human life and your belongings as they are what make your home.

We specialize in completely restoring your property and its contents from damage caused by fires, water, smoke and soot. Putting out a blazing fire is just one aspect of the restoration process. We will carefully assess the situation to determine what items need to be replaced or restored.

Our Smoke Cleanup and Restoration Process
Some of the methods we use to clean and restore your contents include:
● Dry Cleaning – Cleaning off light residues and getting items ready for wet cleaning.
● Wet Cleaning – Used for cleaning moderate-heavy residues
● Spray and Clean – For items that aren’t suitable for wet cleaning
● Foam Cleaning – Ideal for upholstery which is usually not suited to wet cleaning
● Abrasive Cleaning – Applied only on surfaces that can withstand deep cleansing and marks are hard to get out
● Immersion Cleaning – Some contents may need to be dipped into a cleaning solution to restore them properly
In addition, we will also decide on the spot if certain items need to be moved to our warehouse to give them a proper restoration job. Fire and smoke often require entire structures to be remodeled and in order to better protect your on-site materials and valuables, we will isolate everything that needs an extensive repair job.
Certain items of course, require special attention such as:

Electronic items affected by fire and smoke pose a serious hazard. Do not ever attempt to use such items if you believe they have been subjected to any kind of damage due to fire and/or smoke.

Smoke residue has certain acids which lead to failure of electronic devices if not cleaned out properly. Prompt action is required which is exactly what our qualified on-site technician will do.

Documents, Papers, Photographs Etc.
Generally, in most cases, fire and smoke damage can cause irrecoverable damage to photos and other documents. However, we do our best to restore whatever we can through air drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, and vacuum freeze as well as vacuum thermal drying.

These procedures ensure that your documents are restored to pre-fire condition as best as possible.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Property
Once all your items have been repaired or replaced, we perform a complete cleanup of the premises. Specialized cleaning and sanitizing solutions are used to make sure no smoke residue is left behind, all the while ensuring that your items are 100% safe.

After performing a thorough cleaning and sanitizing job, we move to the restoration process.
Do not hesitate to call us in your hour of need. We can be reached at (806) 414-3787 and waste little time arriving on-site.